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Пуля в башке.

Композиция американской группы Gvcci Hvcci в стиле Витч Хаус (Witch house - ведьмин дом). Это современное направление — жанр электронной музыки, появившийся в конце 2000-х. Считается, что этот жанр оккультно ориентированный. Витч-хаус основан на более ранних стилях готики и т.п. музыки. В витч-хаусе используются звуки из фильмов ужасов. Часто с голосом используется эффект изменения скорости или высоты тона и ритм-машины. Витч хаус считается музыкой хипстеров.

В этой композиции я не все понял. Тут полно жаргонизмов и всяких двусмысленностей, чтоб это понять надо не только язык знать, но и тамошнюю жизнь.
Текст жестковатый, но мне понравилось.

Back from the dead (Назад из мертвых)

Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red,
The only way to stop me is a bullet in the head,
Like im back from the dead

Pussy put that pretty boy I just fucked
Right to sleep,
Second that he’s snorin
Take his wallet and his keys,
And its back to the street going scur-scur in the jeep,
Hot box in the wip,
but this piffy aint cheap,
Who got the keys to oblivion?
Mark-ass motherfuckers trickin' in oblivion.
Never gettin rid of him,
Let the money trickle in,
Fuck his brains out once
and never touch his dick again.
Relentless, cuz my taste is expensive,
Lookin at the world through lanvin lenses,
Take everything and they leave no forensic,
Evidence, I’m a Monica Lewinsky,
Yeah I fucked the president, yeah I fucked the president
So I know Obama cares
pictures on my phone
of him chokin on my underwear,
100k a week
Just to make sure,
I don’t share
Called it a secret service
In person, so scared
Why you think I took a break from this shit?
On vacation gettin richer than Drake off this shit,
Ima drop it like a fuckin box office hit
My inbox
Got a million love letters like I’m Taylor Swift.

Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red
The only way to stop me is a bullet in the head
Like im back from the dead

Drop that ass up like you gettin stabbed in the abdomen.
That aint a subwoofer in my trunk rattlin'
Just a dumb boy who did somethin' get me mad again.
Tied his ass up
Then i stabbed him in the abdomen.
Got blood all over my new boots
Damn these shoes are poly (?)
I guess these are gonna burn too.
Took care not to get a drop on my top
But the thought got me hot
So im goin like “So woo-boo-hoo"
Now your boyfriend’s missin',
You’re cry in' while im lyin back click-o-sippin',
Feel so different
Im the shit and
You aint shit and
we both know the difference
Im the
Hottest anonymous rap bitch in existence,
He say for the sake of the cake he goin the distance
Im throwin resistance,
But if all works out,
I’ll reward his persistance,
Yeah I let him hit it.

Smoke that shit till my eyes turn red,
The only way to stop me is a bullet in the head,
Like im back from the dead
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